Blush Silks Classic Silk Scrunchies - Haida Full Set- Lyle Campbell Collection

Blush Silks Classic Silk Scrunchies - Haida Full Set- Lyle Campbell Collection

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Our NEW and Luxurious 5cm Blush Scrunchie 4 Piece Haida Scrunchie Set

Blush Silk Scrunchies are made from the same Highest Grade 6A, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk as our adored pillowcases. Throw away the harsh ties and acquaint your locks with a hair tie miracle.

The silk in our scrunchies contain amino acids which help reduce hair damage. This means, no more kinks, no more breakage and no more hair strands getting tangled and torn. Use of Blush Silk Scrunchies will add beautiful shine to your hair, no frizz and absorb less moisture than traditional cotton scrunchies.

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Lyle’s Haida Name is T’aaw Tlaahl (10 Coppers). He is an active member of the Sdasta’aas Sangaalth Eagle Clan, of the Edenshaw Family. He’s a world renowned Haida Carver. He works primarily in Western Red Cedar. Carving Haida Poles , Masks, Paddles, Panels and Paintings. He’s also well known for his graphic art producing limited edition silkscreen prints, painted Drums and Tattoo Designs.

The Haida are divided into two social groups, the eagles and the ravens. Lyle is a member of the Eagle Clan of the Edenshaw family. Haida must marry someone from the other primary clan. Eagles mate for life, and build large nests of sticks in high treetops which they occupy and add to for years. Over time these nests can grow to weigh over a ton and be ten feet across. Tucked within the Eagle design can be found a second eagle in his left wing, a human in his right wing and a chief’s face within the feathers.

This is the profile of a Raven.  The raven is one of the most central characters in Haida mythology.  He is a supernatural being whose many tales and epics are laden with exploits and fumbles.  However, throughout his misadventures many important gifts are brought to the Haida people.  Some of the more popular stories involving Raven are Raven Steals the Light and Raven and the First Haida emerging from the Clamshell.  Other creatures hidden within the Raven design are a human in the lift wing, a raven spirit in the right wing and a salmon trout head motif within the tail.

This is a strong side profile view of a powerful and aggressive appearing wolf.  Amongst the Haida the wolf was a smaller clan group as wolves were not found on Haida Gwaii.  The clan crest itself was acquired from the mainland people (Tsimshian) through trade.  It's tail is upturned resting on it's back with a large ear and long snout with typical sharp incisors. The eye is highlighted with a salmon trout motif.

This is the profile of a killer whale.  The Haida people believe that when people drowned at sea their souls would be transformed into killer whales.  The Masset people on Haida Gwaii believe that when a pod of killer whales swims up the inlet that a person is soon to pass away and that the whales are coming for their soul.  The killer whale is considered one of the more powerful Haida crests, almost supernatural in nature.  Found within the dorsal fin is a human face side profile and within the eye a salmon trout motif

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