Blush Silks Product Information

Silkworms feed on the leaves of Mulberry trees and create silk cocoons which are spun into raw silk fibers. This produces some of the finest silk available in the world. Pure white in color and made up of individual long fibers, Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk.                                 

When it comes to quality, silk is graded on an A, B & C level with C being the lowest grade and A being the highest.  Along with the letter grades, silk is also graded with a number beside it. For example, 3A, 5A, and 6A, with 6A being the highest grade of silk you can get.  Always wanting to give the best quality we can, Blush Silks takes pride in creating all of our products using Grade 6A silk. 

“Momme” (pronounced “mommy” or occasionally how us Canadians would say it “mom-eh”   ) is a unit of measurement which describes the weight and density of silk, much like “thread count” measuring the weight and density of cotton.

Momme ranges from 11- 30 Momme.   The higher the Momme, the heavier the silk.  Basic silk pillowcases are usually 19 Momme, and although 25-30 Momme might seem better because of it being the highest count, through our trials and expertise, we have confirmed that 22 Momme is the perfect density and weight balance for a silk pillowcase.


What does it mean when we say our pillowcases and scrunchies are slip processed, and why are we so excited to share this with you?    

Blush Silks takes an extra step to the creation of our pillowcases with a unique aftertreatment we affectionately call “slip processed”.  This process is based on 6A Grade silk.  Long refined purity makes the fabric smoother and shinier.  If you compare regular silk (most likely any type of silk you have at home) to silk that has been slip processed, you’ll be amazed by the optimum sheen and softness compared to other Grade 6A without the slip process.  So, why are we excited to share this with you? Like we said, this is an incredibly unique process and Blush Silks is proud to have our name and integrity invested in sharing this with you.

 ***To sum it all up… combine Grade 6A, 22 Momme and the slip process, Blush silks is proving to you we have achieved excellence in offering you the highest level of silk available with affordable pricing.