Blush Silks - Our Story

Christine and Leanne, two working mothers in their 50s from Manitoba were discussing ways to counteract the adverse effects of aging caused by the province's harsh winters and sweltering summers. This conversation ignited a journey into the world of silk and its undeniable benefits.

They uncovered a plethora of advantages associated with silk, including its ability to regulate temperature, ensuring comfort regardless of the weather. Silk's unique properties prevent the absorption of natural moisture from hair and skin, minimize friction that leads to hair frizz and facial creases, and are hypoallergenic, ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. The benefits were indisputable.

Their exploration delved deep into every aspect of silk, as they explored different grades, thicknesses, and certifications. Eventually, this lead them to the highest grade 6A, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, renowned as the finest quality silk available.
Sourced from the most reputable and certified manufacturers, trusted even by industry giants like Disney, Blush Silks was born. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and affordability, Blush Silks proudly stands behind their products knowing that they offer the best available.

Under Christine's leadership over the past three years, Blush Silks has extended its reach, with products now available in over 50 retail partners across Canada and the United States. A significant milestone came when Blush Silks' pillowcases earned a coveted spot in the prestigious "Everyone Win's" Nominee gift bags presented to the top 25 Oscar Nominees in 2023 and 2024. Additionally, Blush Silks' pillowcases and accessories have graced the pages of the Beauty section in British Vogue and Times Magazines UK, solidifying their position as a trusted Brand.

Expanding beyond silk pillowcases, Blush Silks offers an array of products, including hair accessories, sleep masks, and custom-printed pillowcases and accessories tailored for various boutiques, sports teams, and fundraisers. Their dedication to quality and innovation continues to propel Blush Silks to new heights of success.

Christine Steele - Blush Silks