Our Story

Manitoba  born and raised with families of our own, one of the many things Chris and I agree on is that our summers are too short and our winters are way too long.  We found ourselves spending the summer months desperately trying to consume as much time soaking up the hot sun and absorbing the nutrients of our beautiful lakes and rivers. 

Winters however, are a little more extreme!  We brave the elements by working in them and playing in them and everything in between.  Freezing our cheeks (top and bottom) to the point where we can’t feel them.  Why do we live in a place where the weather hurts our face? Why?
The destruction our hair and skin go through with the elements we’re given can be daunting.  

Just having your furnace running for 7-8 months out of the year drastically dries out our skin and hair.  We needed to find a way to give our skin and hair a fighting chance as it seemed the only time we were giving our bodies a break was when we were sleeping.  Little did we know this wasn’t the case at all, rather we were draining any nutrients and moisture we thought we had left, onto the cotton pillow where we lay our heads.  

Can you imagine resting your face on a piece of fabric for 8 hours every single day/night for your entire life and having it suck the moisture and expensive face creams right out of your skin? We weren’t going to sit back and lose control of our health and beauty without a fight and we decided to start with those crucial 8 hours of sleep we were losing and the pillowcase we were using. 

This is where the Blush Silks 100% Pure Mulberry Grade 6A silk pillowcase was born!! 
(insert earth shattering music here)

So…we did some digging and managed to contact and build friendships with the people who actually feed the Mulberry leaves to the silkworms that create the silk cocoons. Seriously?  Who knew there was such a refined and sophisticated way to make silk…and on top of it, knowing it is all handmade?  Well, they showed us and explained in intricate detail the rewarding benefits of the highest-grade silk.  Naturally (and we use this word like we wear it on our sleeve) we decided we had to be part of this health and beauty revelation. 

Our silk pillowcases and scrunchies are for the young, mature and anyone who wants to benefit when it comes to preserving their natural skin and hair moisture.  It's for those battling acne, allergies, sleep deprivation and more.  

It feels great to say our product is natural, nontoxic, holds a certificate for the highest standards of the production process and is inspected by the strictest quality control and full health benefits. It feels even better to know we use the highest grade silk available that has proved to make a difference in many lives.

Proud to be Manitoban/Canadian, Blush Silks will always strive to give you the highest quality silk available, honesty and affordability.