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"I received my silk pillowcase just in time for Mothers Day and am in love with it. Excellent quality..and quick service delivery. I was sceptical to order from the Facebook ad and some of the comments but honestly… this is not a scam.. and it is a fabulous luxury gift.
I will be ordering it in another color soon., hats off to  Blush Silks for great product and service. 5 star"  -
C. McEnergy Burnaby, British Columbia
"Amazing pillowcase and amazing company! The pillowcase is so soft and silky and feels great on my skin since I’m a side sleeper. Highly recommend and the price point is so much better than other similar products. I also love that it’s a Manitoba company and we can support local in these trying times. If you have been thinking about getting one then this is well worth it! ♥️"
  Gladys K. - Winkler, Manitoba

"Absolutely love Blush Silks pillowcases! My hubby and I both have long hair and have noticed a big difference in tangles and bed head. The scrunchies are great and I love the colors - Rheal has claimed the black and grey ones! Also, falling asleep on luxurious, cool silk is divine. Highly recommend this product!!"
  Leah D - Winnipeg,, Manitoba


"I’ve had my pillowcase for a month now and I can’t go back to my winter flannel! Bed head....GONE! Face creases...GONE! Maybe bed sheets should be your next product!"
  Nicole D.  -  Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Love my Blush Silks pillowcase! I go to bed feeling like a princess and wake up looking
like a Queen. No more bed head and no more face lines! Absolutely the best!!"
  Shelley D.  -  Brandon, Manitoba

"Received my Blush Silks pillowcase one week ago and have slept with it every night since! It is so smooth on my skin and feels amazing. Can’t wait to see the long term benefits too 💞"
  Katie L.  -  Kanata, Ontario

"Bought 2 pillowcases.
One for myself. Has helped with eyelash extension retention 💅
My hair is always up because of that frizz. I went to bed with wet hair but woke up frizz free went on with my day without brushing! it was amazing.
I really did buy it for my neph Logan. He gets terrible matts from the cotton case. The change is night and day. Matts are gone, frizz free, and just beauty curlies. He loves it. He says it makes styling for school a lot easier!
Gotta try it!"
   Tanya A.  -  Virden, Manitoba

"I’m not sure why I waited so long to try out these silk cases.. they are amazing! After one week I am already seeing results!! My hair stays straight with no frizz and my skin is more subtle and my sleep lines have almost disappeared!! If you are on the fence about purchasing these cases I highly recommend jumping over it and purchasing them! They won’t disappoint!! Oh and the scrunchies are awesome too!"
   Tonya T.  -  Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Love my Blush Silk Pillow Case! I have been having some good night sleeps on my new pillow case. It always feels nice and cool . No more crazy hair in the mornings! 😂 If you were thinking about purchasing a pillow case I total recommend it , you won’t regret spending the money o on these pillow cases."
  Jodi. G  -  Winnipeg, Manitoba 
"Have had my pillowcases for a couple weeks now and I absolutely *love* them! My hair feels so much better in the morning, and as someone who’s always had acne - I think I’m seeing an improvement already! Also love the scrunchies! Highly, highly recommend!"
-  Nicole S.  - Brandon, Manitoba
"10/10 highly recommend!
My hair has never felt so good after sleeping. I’ve struggled for years with hair growth problems (bleaching, post partum etc) and waking up with dry, frizzy, matted hair.
BUT NOT THIS MORNING"  -  Katie B.  -  Virden, Manitoba
"I’ve always told my clients to use a silk pillowcase! To use one on their lounger chairs also! Lay it over the back of it! No friction!!
I just bought a silk pillowcase from NuArt to stop the dry and damaged feeling from the regular pillowcases I’ve been using!! Yay!
These keep the moisture in your hair and skin! Also prevents the friction breakage and Mats from turning around in the night!!
  -  Carly M. (Stylist)-  Virden, Manitoba



"Love Love Love our Blush Silks pillowcases! I've been using them for a week now! I don't toss as much at night time, I'm getting better quality sleep and my skin isn't dry and itchy when I wake up. Highly recommend these pillow cases!"
  -  Lynnett T. - Edmonton, Alberta


"I am NEVER sleeping on a cotton pillowcase again!  Blush Silks is amazing for my skin, for my hair and for my nights rest.  Can't believe I waited this long to start looking after myself while I sleep.  What are you waiting for, get yourself one."
-  Kyla B.  -  Winnipeg, MB 

"Beautiful, cool, soft pillowcases!  Ever since I had my cataracts done and I slept with my regular pillowcase, my eyes were dry and sorry in the morning.  Since using the Blush Silks pillowcase my eyes have been comfortable.  Love them!
-  Lynda L. - Virden, MB


"Fantastic products both the pillow cases and hair ties! So well made and the best 3 nights sleep I have had in ages! (Only had them for 3 nights)
Highly recommend"
-  Kareen M. - Victoria, B.C.


"I love the pillowcases I bought. They are super soft against the skin. I have had some great sleeps on them in the last 2 weeks. The scrunchies I have bought as well. I have to wear my hair up for work because it is long and I have to wear a hairnet. In the past my hair was sore at the end of the day. That's why I started cutting it short. I have recently started growing it out long again. It is long enough for a ponytail and these scrunchies work Awesome. My hair is not sore and tired using these scrunchies. I love both my purchases. The dark grey goes amazing with my purple accessories in my room"
-  Mary-Ann C. - Calgary, Alberta


"One week with my new pillowcase and I love it!  It is incredibly soft and great for curly hair!!
  -  Christie K. - Brandon, Manitoba

"I Love my new Blush Silks pillowcase!  I can't believe how soft it is and the quality of the silk is great!  I've never had such a luxurious pillowcase before, but now I am never going back.  I can't wait to get the scrunchies as well!"
  -  Shelby S.-  Shilo, Manitoba

"Thank you so much Christine for my Blush Silks Pillowcase!!  An amazing sleep all night long!!  I give this 5 Stars for sure!  What a great gift for someone special/yourself included!!!"
  -  Janice S. - Forrest, Manitoba, Canada

"The pillowcases are very soft and high quality.  My acne cream has not left spots in the material when it normally does for cheap pillowcases.  The colors offered are great and easy to fit in with any bed set.  I have not seen any new breakouts on my skin after just one week using the pillowcases.  Before I was waking up with a breakout almost every morning.  Great and comfy pillowcases :)
As for the scrunchies,  I'm in love with them and haven't taken them out of my hair since I got them...and I don't usually wear scrunchies!"
  - Amy S. -  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"The pillowcases are lovely!!  Feels so nice!  My hair loves it too!  Best pillowcase for curly hair"!
  -  Jules W - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Below is a picture of the one I just got for myself...Happy Valentines day to me!  I love how soft it is, and the color is absolutely gorgeous!  (my hair and skin feel better too).  There are many great reasons to choose BLUSH Silks...one being the quality is The Best!"
P.S.  It comes in it's own travel size bag!!
 - Monica L.  Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


 "Last Night was my first night sleeping on this AMAZING pillowcase.  I have never used a silk pillowcase before and it definitely lived up the the hype!  It stayed cool all night and I woke up with almost zero bed head!  If you are looking for a great sleep, send these ladies a message"
- Alaina P.  Onanole, Manitoba, Canada